• JF-3A Glass Surface Stress Meter

    JF-3A Glass Surface Stress Meter

    There is a prism at the bottom of the instrument. There are two adjustable knobs at the two side of the instrument. In the measurement operation, operator can get the image by adjusting the first knob. Operator can change light direction by adjusting the second knob. For the maintenance, please be kindly notice following steps; 1. Disconnect the charging power supply from recharge socket, turn the power switch off. 2. Loosen the screws of battery cover by a screwdriver, remove the battery cov...

  • JF-2E Glass Surface Stress Meter

    JF-2E Glass Surface Stress Meter

    It’s similar with JF-1E and JF-3E, the system mainly consists of a PDA and a measure instrument. Two parts are connected with a clamp. The angle of PDA and the main body can be adjusted by the hinge. There is a prism at the bottom of the instrument. There are two adjustable knobs at the two sides of the instrument. Right knob is for image adjustment, left knob is for light source location adjustment. For the software, there are two views, measure view and set view. In measure view, the live i...

  • JF-1A Glass Surface Stress Meter

    JF-1A Glass Surface Stress Meter

    ASTM C 1048, ASTM C 1279, EN 12150-2, EN 1863-2 DSR Method, Easy operation, Small size, Portable; Range: 15~400MPa Battery: 3VDC(CR2) Resolution:3MPa Weight: 0.6Kg Size: 103*34*174mm 1.This innovative device is designed specifically for measuring the surface stress of thermally tempered glass and thermally strengthened glass. It can also measure the surface stress of glass with a curvature radius greater than 300mm. With its advanced technology and easy-to-use interface, the JF-1A glass ...

  • JF-1Wifi Surface Stress Meter

    JF-1Wifi Surface Stress Meter

    The instrument meets the standard GB 15763.2 Safety Glazing Materials in Building – Part 2 Tempered Glass, GB/T 18144 Test Method for Measurement of Stress in Glass, ASTM C 1279 Test Method for Non-Destructive Photoelastic Measurement of Edge and Surface Stress in Annealed, Heat-Strengthened and Fully Tempered Flat Glass, and ASTM C 1048 Heat-Treated Flat Glass – Kind HS, Kind FT Coated and Uncoated Glass. JF-1 WiFi glass surface stress meter has three versions: tempered soda-lime...

  • JF-3E Glass Surface Stress Meter

    JF-3E Glass Surface Stress Meter

    JF-3E is an automatic device. The operation period can reduce one half comparing with JF-3B. PC software is also provided for JF-3E. JF-3H is special version of JF-3E with curved prism. Surface with radius 200mm can be measured also. Special applications can measure Borofloat Glass, Selenium Cadmium Sulfide Optical Glass with AR coating, 5% TT low transmittance glass and low transmittance glass such as PG 10 and VG 10.All the automotive glass, Windshield Glass, Side Window Glass, Sunroof Glas...


Beijing Jeffoptics Company Limited is a company dedicated to RD glass quality control instruments. Our technical support team can provide customers with complete equipment installation, training, hardware development, software development, system integration, and other work.

Since its establishment in 2015, to provide our clients with better products for glass surface stress measurement, Jeffoptics has developed different series of glass surface stress testing devices. These devices provide more accurate results in a shorter time, with more friendly operations. The powerful PC software interface provides automatic and manual measurement, set, and report functions. Moreover, operators don’t need to carry out field calculations as all meters are equipped with the PDA. The PC software and PDA can increase measurement accuracy, reduce operator errors, and reduce operator workload.